and so it begins …

I’ve threatened to do this for a while.

This site it pretty much dedicated to what I put in my stomach. That translates to my ramblings about what I like to eat and drink, where I buy stuff, recipes, together with a whole raft of pictures and tasting notes on my preferred meals and libations.

First of all I am not a chef. I prepare meals every day using good quality ingredients and am not afraid to use a whole range of simple kitchen ‘cheats’ to make my life easier. My grandmother was Burmese (Karen) so there’s occasionally a heavy Asian influence to what I cook. My wife’s Norwegian so there’s also a bit of Scandi influence. In fact looking at my families countries of residence (England, France, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Australia) you may get culinary diversions coming from any point of the compass.

Secondly, I like a drink. Not in an wake up and reach for the bottle kind of way. In a perfectly normal have a drink or two a couple of times during the week and one night of the weekend kind of way. Except that what I drink is not normal. Or to be more precise my obsession with sourcing good quality booze is definitely out of the ordinary. To paraphrase Withnail, I want to “drink the finest libations known to humanity”. And I’ve spent the last 15 years giving it a damn good shot.

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