London Beercycle Club – inaugural jaunt, Saturday 17/12/11 from 10am

There seems to be a correlation between drinking good beer and cycling. OK, I know they are both massively popular pastimes but there’s something that twins these two passions and binds them together. Maybe it’s the love of nature and the simple joys of life. It might also be that they are both fantastically accessible. There’s also no denying that if you gonna drink a lot of beer, a decent amount of exercise it a good plan.

I’ve been threatening to organise this for a while and have eventually got round to doing it. This will be the first of (I hope) many beercycle adventures.

A bit mental, considering the time of the year and all that but why shouldn’t we go on a bit of a burn around The Smoke on bicycles visiting some top drawer boozers and drinking establishments?

So the plan will be to kick-off at S and M cafe in Spitalfields from 10am heading to:

1. Tap East
2. William IV
3. Jolly Butchers
4. Southampton Arms
5. BrewDog Camden
6. Cask Pub and Kitchen
7. The Rake

Who’s in?

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