We had a bar in my house when I was growing up. A 4ft wide, 8ft long, wall of optics, dimpled pint jugs, beer fridge, wooden counter bar. My dad built it. He would stand behind it, with his massive 70s tache and act like a publican. He even ‘stocked’ a card of Big D’s nuts with the obligatory “Page 3 Stunner”.

This is the world I was born into.

There’ll be more detail on the child pages below but there’s gonna be a heavy bias on this site towards the following potations:

1. Beer
The most diverse drink in the world and better suited to pairing with food then any other liquid. I’ll accept any challenges if you think differently and am willing to back my words up with action. What other beverage has a range of alcoholic content from 1% to 55% with such diversity of styles from clean crisp Pilsners through sour complex Lambics to exotic fruit driven bitter Indian Pale Ales and deep chocolate/coffee stouts. There’s an explosion of tastes to be found in beer if you venture beyond the ordinary.

2. Wine
Right let’s get this out of the way and then move on. I’m not a big fan of French red wine. I have no doubt that, if you have the money and the cellar to age it, drinking a Petrus or a Romanée-Conti may well be one of life’s greatest pleasures. But since I have neither, and the average French red’s flavour profile doesn’t match what I look for in a wine, I don’t bother with it any more. I get matching wine and food. I just think beer’s better. I prefer to drink wine on it’s own without food. And in a big glass.

3. Whisk(e)y
I have always liked whisky. It has never disagreed with me and I haver never disagreed with it. I like to think of it as a friend. The prices nowadays have gone a bit mental but I will endeavour to dig around, locate and spotlight bargains to be had. From peat driven and smoke led Islays, raison fudge Christmas pudding sherried Speysiders and ultra complex cherry coconut and vanilla bourbon madness, I will show you the way.


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